Gyotaku-The Art of the Fish print-


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What is "Gyotaku"?

Gyotaku is the traditional Japanese method of printing fish.
We create "Digital-Gyotaku" from your photo data.

Before:original photo for Gyotaku
After:the printed Gyotaku



Light, durable and foldable.

You can get Huge size!!
We've made max-5meters long.

Poster paper

Good coloration and glossy.

Frame the Gyotaku and you may feel great.


Fish length Polyester Poster paper
〜25cm 3,980 JPY 2,480 JPY
〜35cm 3,980 JPY 3,480 JPY
〜40cm 3,980 JPY 3,980 JPY
〜50cm 3,980 JPY 4,480 JPY
〜60cm 3,980 JPY 4,980 JPY
〜70cm 3,980 JPY 5,480 JPY
〜90cm 3,980 JPY 7,980 JPY
〜110cm 3,980 JPY 8,480 JPY
5,980 JPY※for taller fish -
〜130cm 5,980 JPY 9,980 JPY
〜170cm 5,980 JPY -
8,900 JPY※for taller fish -


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